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St Christopher Medal (Gold)

St Christopher Medal (Gold)

SKU: LA/ CHRMED/ 0089/gold

When I was a child there were certain saints, my mother prayed too for protection. One who had the most impact on us was St Christopher. My mother always wore a medal it was like her piece of comfort that her & her family are protected. Before I left Ireland on my travels to the US my mother gifted me a St Christopher medal. This is Ireland Saint for travellers which symbolizes safe travel and protection. I wore my medal mostly around exam time and bedtime. I felt I needed a connection to home which also gave me the comfort my mother had from this little medal. Today we have designed a St Christopher with another piece in Irish with the message “ May the Road Rise up to Meet You. (In Irish “  go néirí an bóthar leat      ”) This is one of Irelands well known sayings. When you wear this beautiful piece may it keep you safe and protected. X

The Christopher Medal Chain is made of Sterling Silver with gold plating. We have this piece also in Silver. It is placed on a 14-16inch chain with lobster catch with tiny shamrock another reminder of home. There are two disks one with St Christopher & the other with our message in Irish.

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